BEST Growth Hub Business Workshop Programme is Live!

Take your Business to the Top with Training

The BEST Growth Hub has recently launched a new workshop programme for entrepreneurs, start ups and established Essex businesses. The programme has been developed based on what local businesses said they need and training is available over the whole of Essex from now until the end of March. There are some really varied topics from 'Perfecting your Cold Calling', focusing on strategy to enable growth, how to modernise your marketing - learn to Vlog and Blog to finding out how the new GDPR regulation may affect your business.

You will learn through hearing from sWorkshop in actionome of the best in their field - our very own Essex Innovation Programme mentors. You will also undertake practical activities and learn tools to take away and start using in your business the very next day.

View the programme from now until end of January and book online here . Each business can attend up to 21 hours of workshops and you can choose from workshops to online seminars.

Always keep an eye on the website as more workshops are coming - the programme will run until the end of March. If there's a particular workshop you want and need but can't see it here let us know. It's a workshop programme for Essex businesses so if there's a demand we can look at delivering additional topics to match that.

An attendee at a recent workshop said:

I was in a workshop on the hard topic of cold calling, something that scares everyone. We were a very diverse group, including people selling specialists cinema chairs and retailers of medical lab equipment. I am the director of an urban strategy company. Our businesses could not have been more different, and the roles too: some people in sales, some people doing sales as part of a wider role. Lesley could relate very closely and personally to everyone, so we had (each of us) what felt like a tailored workshop of our own. I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn more from Lesley and make our business more effective.

Make Time for Training

Time invested in training really does have a return on business - we are finding that those attending are getting inspired not only by the trainers but also by other businesses. If you want to get in touch about the workshop programme please email - we'd love to here from you.

Emma Wakeling
Emma Wakeling

Business Innovation Manager

07921 397050


Leading on the Essex Innovation Programme and developing new support mechanisms to enable Essex businesses to grow. Managing a team of experienced private sector business mentors who work closely with multi-sectoral established businesses and start-ups to embed innovative practices. Focusing on product (including intellectual property), process, organisational and marketing innovation. Developing key collaborative strategic partnerships with industry and academia.