I Roll Up My Sleeves Is Supporting Young Entrepreneurs And Businesses

Not Just Ordinary Networking

The Essex Young Entrepreneurs Network is working in partnership with I Roll Up My Sleeves to offer young entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain peer to peer business support whilst building on their skills through a 1-day work experience placement.

Working at day placements in Care Farms and charities, to volunteer on community projects, businessmen and women across Essex have found a new way to connect with other local companies whilst supporting their local community. These businesses are willing to connect with Essex’s young entrepreneurs sharing knowledge and experience to help them start up.

"I really enjoyed the concept, certainly different and a more relaxed way to meet new businesses." 

Jane - Audite

I Roll Up My Sleeves

The company was founded by Glenn Hoddy, after personal experiences showed him the benefits of networking with like-minded business individuals. He explored the potential to combine this with giving back to the community. Creating an effective low-cost method for developing business connections, in very natural and inspiring locations, has been an innovative way of problem-solving a multitude of issues.

This alternative business networking approach has recently been tried out first-hand by Scrutton Bland staff. Charity Insurance executive Barry Davis and senior partner Tim Mulley have both been along to events organised by I Roll Up my Sleeves.

“I needed to have the experience to ‘get it’. The conversation was much more natural than at other networking events, and the whole experience works really well. It’s a great way to give something back.”

Tim Mulley – Scrutton Bland

The benefits to your future business plans by coming and ‘Rolling Up Your Sleeves’ include:

  • A natural environment to build trusting business relationships
  • The opportunity to make a real difference in your community
  • Positive PR for you and your business
  • Introductions to new business contacts and peer to peer support from likeminded business people


Essex County Council (EEC) is working in partnership with I Roll Up My Sleeves to support young entrepreneurs, through their new initiative the Essex Young Entrepreneurs Network. The project will assist 16-30 year olds to start their own innovative businesses. The ECC funded scheme will offer peer to peer support through networking events that will build their confidence also providing a chance to gain real life skills. In addition to this training, mentoring and finance options are available.

Examples of volunteering projects differ from venue to venue, and could include: building a polytunnel, building raised beds, painting, and planting, all of which offers you a natural way to connect and work experience. If you are interested in applying for the Essex Young Entrepreneurs Network, please contact EIP@essex.gov.uk for more information.

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